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Search Engine Optimization or known as SEO is a notable process for enhancing the quality and the quantity of a website traffic.

It also helps to get traffic from natural and organic search results in search engines. Its purpose is to improve a particular website’s position in search result pages.

As the higher website rank is listed, the more amount of people will see it. People should be acknowledged about different types of SEO and when to use each one effectively.

There are four main methods and approaches to SEO: Technical SEO, Local SEO, Off-Page SEO(off-site SEO) and On page SEO(on-site SEO). The latter is a SEO activity that is applied instantly on the page or the site. On-site SEO has a great importance in the website optimization.

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1-What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO or it is also known as On-site SEO. It is a crucial technique in SEO as it aids Google to comprehend what each part of the content is about in a particular website.

As the better Google get the content of the target website, the higher it will be ranked in the search engine.

SEO On-page is a notable process that is used to optimize web pages to rank higher in search engines for particular keywords to increase the organic traffic in the site.

2-What is the difference between On-page SEO ad Off-page SEO?

On-page SEO is related to anything you can do on a webpage to ameliorate the ranking of your website. It is mainly related to the optimization of on-site ranking factors such as keywords, title tags, headers, page speed…ect. However, Off-page SEO or off-site is highly tied to everything can be optimized outside the site.

It is mainly related to brand mentions, social media, content marketing…ect. Both techniques named on-page SEO and off-page SEO are salient parts for any SEO strategy.

3-Why On-page SEO is important?

On-Page SEO has the power to bring countless visitors and customers to a particular website. Various Search engines use simple keywords and other on-page SEO elements to verify whether a specific page matches with the intention of the searcher or not.

In other words , the relevancy of the page is extremely important in the ranking of the pages. This technique is critical as it does not only inform Google about this particular website and how to provide value to its visitors.

But it also helps this specific site to be optimized for both human eyes and search engine bots as well.

4-What do we need for a successful On-page SEO?

A successful on-page SEO defines and provides different steps to go through to guarantee an efficient website ranking.

4-1 SEO Keyword Research

After creating your website you have to take into consideration the searching for keywords or key phrases as a key element. Keyword researching is important as it acknowledges the owner of the website about the needs of their visitors.

Website owners can use basic strategies through searching for clear words to their industry on the search engine lands such as Google to bring more traffic to their sites.

4-2 Quality SEO Content

For good quality of on-page SEO services, we need to create relevant content . After keywords research website owners need to know what their visitors want to learn on the website in a way that they will enjoy reading.

Consequently, the more users want to stay in the site, the higher ranking chances. As Google will automatically consider the website as an effective site that meets the needs and the various expectations of its users.

4-3 Internal Linking for SEO

Internal links are URLs that lead to several other pages on a particular website. A URL usually makes suggestions for the user that there are other pages that offer more valuable information about a specific topic.

Internal linking offers websites the opportunity to keep visitors on the website for hours reading various articles on several pages. This will give a faulty impression for Google that the user is finding valuable results on his inquiry.

4-4 Metadata SEO Optimization

Metadata informs Google about the content and the keywords the website owner is ranking for. The metadata can be divided into the Meta titles and the Meta descriptions.

First, the Meta titles or page titles is usually the clickable blue text which is regarded as the title of the article.

Second, the Meta descriptions are the succinct or short sentence seen below the Meta title on the page of search results.

4-5 Image SEO Optimization

  Adding some images to your article will reinforce your ranking opportunities. This will also help the website to be more attractive for its visitors and help those customers to predict the position of the website owner only with images

 A search can be done on Google images by optimizing the images and adding the necessary keywords on them.

The users can click on the image to take them to the appropriate website relevant to their search.


  Different SEO news about search optimization or Google SEOS proves that it is a prominent part of digital marketing.

on-page SEO is an important technique for this domain as it focuses on helping Google and searchers to get the website content efficiently.

It is also helpful in getting the digest of the content created. Check On-page SEO is an integral strategy that makes sure your site is reliable and credible. 



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