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International seo services ( seo freelancer and cheap seo packages)

International seo services ( seo freelancer and cheap seo packages)

A search engine is a software system that is mainly designed to carry various web queries and searches .

This program identifies the different key notions specified by the users to find a specific site on the world wide web. Search engines recommend Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The latter is a critical process that is used to optimize the technical configuration of website, the relevance of the content and the link popularity for its pages to be quickly and easily findable, relevant, and well-known for the users’ search question.

SEO is a tool for enhancing sites and increasing their visibility for the users around the world.

SEO agency have its international SEO services that facilitate the work of search engines through detecting the target audience of each country hand in hand with the language of the business.

with the help of both the SEO freelancer who helps to create new options or to improve the websites pre-existing content such as SEO freelance Barcelona or SEO Blackpool and the SEO manager who aids to target the right content to the right people on the particular website.

SEO companies have not only their agence SEO optimize 360 or optimize360 that supports companies to rise their visibility on the internet and manage their digital communication, but also they have agence SEO primelis which is an agency specialized in marketing and social Ads.

SEO companies have different SEO services such as cheap SEO packages.

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1-The Function of Search Engine

 Understanding the way a search engine works is a highly critical task if the person is doing SEO to optimize it easily.

Search engines work by crawling billions of different pages using web crawlers or spiders that navigate the web and follow the target links to find new pages.

The latter are added to an index that search engines drag results from. So what do we mean by crawling, indexing and processing?

1-1 Crawling

 Crawling is a discovery process  where the search engine sends a team of robots known as computer bots or the computer spiders to find an updated varied content such as PDF, video, image, webpage…ect

1-2 Processing and rendering

 processing is where Google assimilate and extract the key findings from crawled pages by rendering the page to find its code.Consequently, the page will encompass extracting links and storing content for indexing.

1-3 Indexing

 Indexing is a particular place where processed info from crawled pages gets added to the search index or in other words the search index is what you search in the search engine and the searcher will not be found by users unless they are in the index

1-4 Calculated relevance

 The relevance of the search is usually calculated by looking for pages that contain similar keywords as the search inquiry. It also evaluates the utility of the data interaction according to the users viewpoints this is to reach the calculating relevancy.

1-5 Retrieved results

  Retrieving results is a process based on a request from a large unstructured database for selected data correspondent to the searcher’s query. This process requires the user to have knowledge about the needed tools to get a valuable content.

2- SEO Copy Writing

 Copywriting is a significant part of content marketing, refers to writing short texts to promote for merchandises and services online.

SEO Copywriting is advertising a copy to rise the search engine rankings by making a balance between writing and SEO best practices to rise the site’s opportunities of a particular keywords ranking according to keywords search.

SEO copywriting has different forms such as sales pages, Ad copy, product descriptions…ect.

3-Search Engine Rank

  Search engine rank is the position of a specific web page according to its results for a particular inquiries.

Different websites compete to hold their pages on the top position through high relevant search ranking. The latter is influenced by SEO and the Ads purchasing.

4- On-page and Off-page SEO Strategies

 A SEO strategy is the way the website user plan, create and organize the content for the purpose of having high ranking on the search engines.

Each SEO strategy or group of techniques based on a deep case study which will in turn result in improved traffic visibility .

Most people expect to find their needs at the top of the page findings which would allow sites owners to have new customers through creating an effective search engine strategy.

SEO strategies are subsumed on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

4-1 On-page SEO strategies

  On-page SEO strategies and tactics are used to build a catchy site for users and to optimize its features to enhance its position in the findings’ page.

This process is built through highlighting the page elements such as titles with a specific key words in site internet .

4-2 Off-page SEO strategies

Off-page SEO techniques are used for advertising your site , brand or business around the web and make it exposed to discussion in other websites by paving the way for your customers through building trust, credibility and reliability for your content .

5- SEO Formation

Search Engine optimization is a process that encompasses different techniques to ameliorate your website’s visibility in famous search engines such as Google , Bing , yahoo…ect.

When you start in SEO or natural referencing it is important to know referencing basics and to master the tools and the methods to optimize you site through SEO formation.

6-SEO Services

SEO services are singnificant ways that aids in the business growth through saving time , efforts and even money such as affordable SEO packages that help to achieve the business growth on global , multiregional, and Multilanguage levels in multilingual SEO and global SEO.

6-1 Local SEO Services

Local SEO services is a main process that is used to optimize websites to guarantee a successful ranking for the local business based on a particular location.

As a result, the business visibility and position will be enhanced on local search rankings.

6-2 SEO International and Multilingual Global Services

SEO companies provide international  SEO services and international SEO strategy for its users through providing the capacity of promoting the websites and identifying the target countries that fit the target language of the business.

This crucial ability of optimizing the website’s content in various foreign languages is called multilingual SEO.

Search Engine Optimization’s global companies offer a variety of services encompassing key- word searching, the optimization of the content, competition analysis…ect.

6-3 SEO other services

SEO companies provides other main services for its users such as organic traffic. The latter is any obvious unpaid traffic in your website which is a result of the SEO efforts or in other words organic traffic is visitors in your page from unpaid search engines such as Google.

On the other hand, there is paid search traffic resulting from a paid search. Also, SEO provides another service for its users which may be regarded as a strategy as well which is known as Link building.

The latter is a critical practice of acquiring different links to you site from other websites and they are known as backlinks.

7-SEO Manager

SEO managers are the responsible members in the companies for making plans and guarantee their implementations and development.

They have a variety set of functions as marketing,link building, keyword strategy…ect .

An SEO specialist in job description has to be able to create a number of tactics and strategies to increase the website ranking in page of the search engine results which will increase the site’s productivity and growth.


Search Engine optimization is a main process for ameliorating both the quality and the quantity of a website traffic and ranking in search engines.

SEO has not only local but also different international companies that offer global services for people from all races, talking different languages and having different cultures through the use of efficient strategies with the help of managers who works for its update and development.