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lead generation packages

Not lead? No traffic? Not a problem.

We will help you turn your website into a targeted customer search machine. And that's not in years or months. In a few days, you'll start attracting new customers with the powerful Lead Generation packages of your website marketingsystems.

You have a complete website in terms of appearance and layout, but very few people visit it. Worse yet, even visitors who visit your website don't get into conversations and leave your website quickly!

lead generation packages

How can you generate more interested clients to your website faster?

SEO on and off the website is something you should do because it will help a lot in bringing in customers, but this is a long-term solution. It can be obtained quickly with a lead generation plan when using the right strategy.

The lead generation package offers a two-step approach.

  1.  Generate targeted leads to your website by increasing traffic and for this, we will need to advertise online such as through Facebook Ads or Google Adwords this will help a lot.
  2. We need to convert your website visitors as soon as they reach potential customers. This is where we use direct call-to-action keywords like a quote form or even transitional calls to action like a persuasive upload or a checklist. They allow you to keep in touch with the customer via a series of emails.

Lead generation packages include the following:

Create strategies to attract and convert site visitors and we will help you improve your site lead generation plan through.

  • Providing a major attraction for customers on your website (eg: value-added download to capture customer contact information).
  • Lead magnets generate leads from visitors who aren't willing to get a quote.
  • Add popup offers on all pages using the conversion box and link it to the active campaign. We will also analyze different types of popups to see which one is best at converting a visitor into a customer.
  • Generate more leads from website visitors
  • Send notifications of new blog content and current homepage as well as monthly engagement emails to potential clients to drive traffic and increase conversions.
  • It improves the credibility of your company, you will beat your competition and potential customers will choose your service.
  • Track your Active Campaign email thread to increase leads that are more likely to sign up for the service.

What the lead generation packages include:

  • Ads on Google Adwords or Facebook
  • New lead generation templates for your site
  • Develop and improve the call to action
  • Send emails to new and existing customers
  • Plus a host of benefits in our marketing packages, as desired.

We will solve your most difficult lead generation problems:

  • Problem: No new potential customers visiting my site.
  • The solution: Google Adwords and Facebook ad platforms will direct people to your site.

  • Problem: I don't have clients who are visitors to my site.
  • The solution: Lead generation forms collect customer contact information and create messages to welcome new customers — all in automatically.

  • Problem: I need to maintain and keep in touch with existing clients.
  • The solution: Use email automation, which automatically sends personalized messages with valuable messages and your best offers to attract them.

  • Problem: I don't have enough time to learn how to use online advertising.
  • The Solution: The Solution: We are experts in online advertising, creating a new potential customer base for your business.

  • Problem: I am not getting new clients as quickly.
  • The solution: Use the lead generation package to quickly boost your leads and pair it with one of our marketing packages to create a comprehensive business plan.

Below are options for lead generation package

  • $1000 setup fee for one email path $1000 plus your choice of setting up Google Adwords or Facebook ads to drive potential customers to your landing page.
  • $500 setup fee = additional conversion paths
  • $500 per month for Facebook email and campaign funnel management maintenance - in addition, we recommend a minimum advertising spend of $300 per month
  • $600 per month for email funnel management and Google Adwords campaign maintenance - in addition, we recommend a minimum monthly ad spend of $1,000

Note: Customers pay for a monthly email campaign service starting at $9 per month for 500 contacts

This package has a commitment of at least 3 months