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Done for you linkedin lead generation

Done For You LinkedIn and Email Prospecting (B2B Lead Generation)

This is a LinkedIn and email prospecting service done for you. We manage your LinkedIn profile for you and generate leads and conversations with your target customers.

Step 1) Find your ideal customers

Understanding your target market is critical to a successful lead-generation campaign. We take an hour for an initial conversation to create a list of your ideal customers.

Step 2) Optimise your LinkedIn profile and strategy

All tactics implemented are based on an optimized profile. After an initial meeting and questionnaire, we will get back to you within a week to let you know what changes need to be made to your LinkedIn profile and what messaging we will use on LinkedIn and via email to find new leads.

Step 3) Launch the campaign

Once the strategy and changes are approved, we are ready to get started! It's best not to make a sales call right away. Instead, we connect with a non-sales message aimed at getting prospects to want to talk to us.

When someone accepts our connection requests, we send them a series of 2-4 messages over the course of 30 days. We manage all connections and calls and pass along calls or scheduled calls to warm prospects.

Step 4) Handing off calls or scheduling calls

We run a lead generation campaign, but it's up to you to nurture the lead and close the sale. You'll likely be dealing with the full spectrum of leads, from cold (never heard of you) to hot (ready to make a call right away). Unlike referral letters, it can take more time for outbound leads to become customers.

Based on our years of experience running campaigns on LinkedIn, we will give you advice on how best to nurture these relationships, what to say, and how often to follow up.