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Long Copy Sucks And alternative Heresies

Long Copy Sucks And alternative Heresies

I recently finished a huge study of profitable and unprofitable sites. the common length of the profitable site's sales letter was one.8 pages. the common length of the unprofitable site's sales letter was a pair of pages.

I recently finished a huge study of profitable and unprofitable sites. the common length of the profitable site's sales letter was one.8 pages. the common length of the unprofitable site's sales letter was a pair of pages.

Shorter ad copy was additionally profitable on the average than long copy.

Of course, that's heresy. Many, several famed copywriters swear by long copy. Still… the study was valid and it's a fact… glorious profitable sites had shorter copy than glorious less profitable sites on the average.

I then remembered that I had done an identical study means back in Gregorian calendar month 2002. That study wasn’t supported profit, however, it absolutely was scrutiny length of copy to associate degree action… in this case, a click. The shorter the anchor text (the clickable text), the upper the click-thru rate... on average.

Still, I had a choice to create. Would I follow my very own advice? I assumed concerning the hours that I had spent bobbing up with 10-13 pages of sales letter for the 3 merchandise I recently free. I assumed concerning the hours I spent in Glyphius optimizing every one of the handfuls of paragraphs. may i actually simply hack up those sales letters supported these 2 studies?

I realized that I wasn’t quite a believer nonetheless. I required some backup information before I used to be willing to hack up my very own sales letters. Since the results were therefore heterodox, I suspected that almost all of you'd conjointly want some reassurance that the study was, in fact, valid… that I hadn’t browse the numbers backwards or one thing.

Then it came to Pine Tree State. while not outlay the hours I sometimes do for one in all these studies, I assumed of some way to validate it with a unique dataset.

Clickbank has simply such a dataset! They recognize the profit of the sites within their network and that they show them (loosely and not fully documented) in this order in the marketplace.

I at once visited check it out. I used the money & Employment class 1st since it's conjointly the foremost profitable class within the Clickbank marketplace. I visited every of the primary ten sites and did a “Print Preview” and shoved the page count into a computer programme. In the end, I graphed those ten information points then superimposed a linear line on the graph.

The original study information was confirmed. As we have a tendency to went down the list so as of receding profit, we have a tendency to conjointly accumulated in a variety of pages of sales copy on the average.

Then I quickly visited the promoting & Ads class. this can be the class that several people World Health Organization generally sell to every alternative (the incestuous market) use. I am continual the study yet again. The graph showed a similar linear slope.

OK; I used to be convinced. I got it all the way down to a small amount but three pages from its recent thirteen pages. I read it. It tells what's being offered and lets them order it. It isn’t redundant. It doesn’t hide the value till “later” within the sales letter. It’s the sort of page I prefer to order from myself.

How did we have a tendency to get into this mess of basic cognitive process the copywriting “gurus” concerning long copy?

 It’s extremely a freaky factor to be teaching currently that I investigate it looking back.

My most prosperous ad copy has invariably been short… no exceptions. once 911 hit, I place up a page for Gas Masks (I know… pretty cruddy factor to do… I feel unhealthy now). I sold-out 340 gas masks in a very twenty-four-hour amount of your time. Did I write an extended sales letter? No; I place up an image, same “Gas Mask: $235″ associate degreed had an order link.

When I sold-out my cat last year, did I write a fifteen-page sales letter? No; I place an advertisement within the paper that same 2005 cat, 10,000 miles, promo condition, $53,000 and enclosed a number (not the important details).

When I sold-out a house last year… the whole ad copy was a lot of but a page.

When I sold-out seats to a $10,000/seat 2-day seminar, the ad copy was solely a rather outsized postcard.

Why will we assume we must always be writing a book to sell a $20 ebook? World Health Organization started that rumour? Has he been sufficiently flogged yet? What a waste of your time. I ponder what number ebooks have sales letters that are longer than the ebook itself.

From currently on... I am not upset concerning the length of the sales letter. I am going to simply tell concerning the merchandise, offer the guarantee, show a client testimonial and allow them to order it. If the common profitable sales letter is barely one.8 pages long... and therefore the average profitable sales letter is shorter than the common unprofitable sales letter... that is ok on behalf of me.