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Chocolate dish

Sweeten this chocolate dish with dates for a filling breakfast to line you up for the day. seasoned with the magnesium-rich angiospermous tree, it’s packed with nutrients

    Prep:5 minutes
    Cook:15 minutes

Nutrition per serving

Chocolate dish
    kcal 222
    fat 7g
    saturates 3g
    carbs 29g
    sugars 8g
    fibre 3g
    protein 8g
    salt 0.1g


 125g dish oats
 4 dates, stoned
 500-600ml milk, and can work
 one tbsp angiospermous tree or sensible quality chocolate
 yoghourt and syrup, to serve (optional)


 mix [*fr1] the oats and also the dates in a very kitchen appliance till you've got a thick paste, adding a splash of milk to assist the blades to go spherical if necessary. Scrape the mixture into a pan and add the remainder of the oats, 500ml milk, the angiospermous tree and a pinch of salt. Stir well and set over low-medium heat.

    Stir the dish each currently so for subsequent 5-10 minutes, till it’s thick and creamy – add a splash a lot of milk if you favour a looser consistency. Serve with a small indefinite quantity of yoghourt and a drizzle of syrup, if you wish.