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6 Things I do know regarding Postcards that you just Don’t

6 Things I do know regarding Postcards that you just Don’t

Really straightforward postcard marketing Tips

6 Things I do know regarding Postcards that you just Don’t

In my excess of expertise tucked away between these ears, I even have managed to take for you what I take into account the “best of the best” – in alternative words, I took the foremost well-tried details regarding postcards that were vital to you beginning a postcard campaign and extremely winning at it. therefore here goes the foremost incisive highlights regarding postcards.

1) I do know that a postcard is best than one thing in associate degree envelope.  

For many reasons, the most one being, in associate degree envelope you can’t build your potential client see your message.

People square measure quick. we have a tendency to see and browse terribly quickly – truly rather more quickly than we have a tendency to even understand.. deem yourself – {how quick|how briskly} does one bear your mail and method out what wish|you would like|you wish} to stay and what you don’t want to keep?   Pretty darn fast.  It takes fractions of seconds to travel through and method in your mind “bill, bill, publicity, bill, publicity, letter…”  And it additionally takes fractions of seconds to make a decision whether or not you're even getting to trouble giving additional attention to the items that you just selected as advertisements.

With a postcard, although they throw it away, they already saw your message no matter whether or not they assume they did or not.  They saw it enough to throw it away, didn’t they?

And the next time they get that very same postcard within the mail, they see it once more as they throw it within the trash.

Let’s face it - unsolicited mail gets thrown away.  And postcards square measure unsolicited mail to plenty of individuals.

Although they'll be unsolicited mail, postcards get browse despite what – although thrown away while not reading them, they get seen.  It’s just like the phoenix rising up from the ashes.

2) I do know that if you're not doing repeat mail together with your postcards you're flushing your cash down the restroom.

Repeat mailings can not be recurrent enough.    DO REPEAT MAILINGS!  DO REPEAT MAILINGS!  DO REPEAT MAILINGS! a 1 shot within the dark postcard mailing isn't getting to amendment your business, your bottom line, your life or your something.

The long and also the wanting it's if you're not up to braving that you just ought to do a campaign then don’t trouble being in business.  Sorry if I sound a small amount harsh!

3) I do know that the simplest value isn't best essentially the simplest postcard.

The cheapest isn't essentially the simplest.  The recent saying “you get what you pay for” applies here.  Get no matter the potential postcard company you interview to send you samples. ensure the postcard may be an excellent, quality, stiff card that catches your attention.  Get them to present your client references. decision those references and conclude what they consider that company’s service, product, etc.

There is plenty of covert work that goes into obtaining your postcard done right.  If they screw up printing if they don’t get your mailing out on the point in time, etc. – doing it inexpensive may not mean obtaining the standard service you would like or need.

4) I do know that though the general public if surveyed, say they like the full colour on each side, the reality is black on white on the rear of the postcard gets a more robust response.

Why? as a result of full colour on each side is confusing.  On the opposite hand, if you've got a really aesthetic, pleasing-to-the-eye front - with an excellent headline  - you simply need to show that postcard over and easily gets the message on the rear. you would like a sensible eye path.

Eye path is wherever your eye goes once you cross-check the postcard. you'll be able to have a sensible eye path with full colour on each side – however, it's to be done properly. sometimes once you offer folks an option to do full colour on each side they're going overboard and also the artistic juices begin flying, not flowing, flying with, “WOW!!! full colour on each side?!!” and that they build it too busy.  You don’t need it to be dispersing – you would like it to travel sort of a path.  Have a begin, a middle associate degreed a finish.  

Did YOU Notice this Postcard?

Your Customers can Notice Yours Too!
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Look at it from the client viewpoint – extremely cross-check it from their viewpoint and you'll be able to see what I mean by eye path.

 5) I do know that you simply ought to promote only 1 factor at a time on your postal card.

Even if you sell several completely different product, you simply promote one amongst them. it's fine to say them on the rear of the postal card bullet-pointed. however your main specialise in the front of your postal card must be one product, service, item, what have you ever – only one factor.

Say you have got a flooring store and a piece of furniture salesroom within the back. Your postal card ought to solely state flooring. it's not that individuals UN agency area unit searching for flooring aren't conjointly searching for a piece of furniture – it’s simply an excessive amount of info on the front of a postal card.

The purpose of a postal card is to urge your prospect interested with one factor. you'll be able to placed on the rear as simply a mention: “We even have an enormous salesroom choked with a piece of furniture.”

But on the front – one item! ONE ITEM!

If an organization sells hot tubs, above-ground pools and jungle gyms they have to select the one that provides them with the foremost financial gain and create their postal card this.

6) and that I grasp that someone might grow an organization with no alternative marketing media.

With postcards alone, one might take an organization from zero to over 1,000,000 greenbacks in revenue or additional. however, do I know? as a result of I did it.

We mail-clad postcards every single week, and therefore the additional postcards we have a tendency to mail-clad out, the additional we have a tendency to grew. Yes, it's sensible to diversify and as we have a tendency to grew and have become additional fortunate and had more cash to do alternative media, we did. Some we have a tendency to unbroken and a few we have a tendency to nixed. Postcards area unit a staple that works in spite of what.

These six points of postal card marketing knowledge area unit tested techniques of creating your postcards WOW your prospective purchasers whereas at constant nonce devoted to the time-honoured strategies that have tested to urge additional bang for your buck. the following tips area unit what's going to place your postal card during a category all by itself.


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