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22 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas Your Customers Will Gobble Up

22 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas Your Customers Will Gobble Up

 November may be a massive month for little business homeowners. There’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and little Business Sabbatum — all stuffed along in an exceedingly three-day span. (Not not like a small-business turducken.)

With most occurring, you quite got to decide and opt for what seasonal marketing you'll be able to strive against at the instant, and it’s not shocking that Thanksgiving selling is one among a lot of underused.

There’s no have to be compelled to go all out, however introducing some Thanksgiving parts into your selling strategy can allow you to take hold of that turducken and show it who’s boss.

Here area unit twenty-two Thanksgiving marketing tips that your customers can garbage down quicker than pie.

22 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas Your Customers Will Gobble Up

1. Show your community support.

November is that the excellent time to grant thanks for your community, and a method to try to do this is often by volunteering it slow somewhere. If you have got staff, organize a team volunteer day.

Whether it’s at associate degree animal shelter or serving food for the homeless, giving back to your community shows you’re a little business that cares. Take a team photograph at the tip of the day and post it on your social media channels.

2. Update your social media accounts.

Affordable photo-editing sites like Canva and PicMonkey build it simple to update your social media accounts in step with holidays, special events, and seasons.

You can update your profile photos with seasonal things like leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, etc., or simply incorporate some fall colours.

If your follower's area unit won't to seeing your same brand or photograph in their streams, change this stuff seasonally is what catches their eye and reminds them to see out your merchandise.

3. provides a Thanksgiving dinner away.

Holding a giveaway will assist you to get a lot of native followers, email subscribers, and, hopefully, customers. If you wish to travel with a Thanksgiving selling theme, why not reveal a Thanksgiving dinner from a neighbourhood business in your area?

Or, if you wish to form it cheaper, reveal some of the dinner, sort of a few appetizers, a turkey, or sweet solely.

The holiday's area unit a disagreeable time — and a free Thanksgiving dinner is an especially attractive prize. simply ensure you collect email addresses thus you'll be able to attempt to flip contest entrants into customers.

4. Market your merchandise to the season.

Almost any product is marketed for Thanksgiving. Seriously.

    If you sell garments, place along with the right comfortable Thanksgiving outfit.
    If you sell candles, market them because of the excellent hostess gift.
    If you sell home interior decoration, show your customers a way to produce the right Thanksgiving table or a way to get their home prepared for all those dinner guests.
    If you sell toys, position them because the excellent thanks to keeping the children pleased on Thanksgiving.
    If you sell desserts, market them because of the excellent finish to a good meal.

Then, promote them on all of your social media accounts and via email.

5. provides a Thanksgiving preparation demonstration.

If you sell food, spices, sauces, or something culinary-related, hold a preparation demonstration to beat up some excitement for your business. Use Facebook Live (it’s free and easy) however you may wish to try to to one or two follow runs 1st that aren’t live.

Show customers a way to build a good course, main course, or sweet mistreatment one among your merchandise or ingredients and take care to push it heavily previous thus you’ll have viewers.

6. Hashtag it out.

Create a hashtag and use it to have interaction along with your social media followers.

Ask followers to share their favourite Thanksgiving memory (#thanksgivingthoughts) or raise them to share what they’re most appreciative for this year (#givethanks) or even you go the funny route and raise them to share their biggest Thanksgiving disaster (thx but no thx) or (Thanksgivingnightmares).

7. Hold a canned-food drive.

If you have got a brick-and-mortar location, holding a canned-food drive is a good thanks to getting customers into your store.

Offer customers associate degree incentive to form a sale whereas they’re thereby giving them a reduction for his or her donation. perhaps one will get 100 per cent off, or even tin cans get 100 per cent off… that half is up to you!

8. produce themed content.

If you have got a weblog, an efficient Thanksgiving marketing plan to undertake is themed content. ensure it ties in with the merchandise you sell tho'.

For example, if you sell exercise garments, you'll be able to produce content regarding a way to have a healthier Thanksgiving and another post on Turkey-Day exercises.

Think regarding the topics your target market would have an interest in reading about with regard to Thanksgiving and therefore the month of Nov as a full and so produce content that addresses those topics.

 9. Send thank-you notes.

If you sell online, you'll be able to bridge the inevitable personal gap by as well as a written thank-you note to your customers in your packaging.

You don’t get to fulfil them face to face or perhaps speak to them on the phone, however, you'll be able to give thanks to them for his or her business by writing them a fast note.

If you've got too many purchasers to feasibly do that (lucky you!), sort up a customary message and sign each in person.

10. provide gifts to your best customers.

Customers appreciate a free gift over a reduction in line with the Journal of market research. whether or not you sell personally or on-line, an amazing Thanksgiving marketing plan to do is giving a free gift to your best customers.

For example, if this is often a loyal client United Nations agency religiously purchases your hand-crafted cosmetics, perhaps add a free ointment or make-up as a many thanks — and make certain to inform them why they got this gift.

11. Host a looking event/live demo.

If you've got a physical location, hold a Thanksgiving-themed event for purchasers. Get a couple of pumpkin pies or one or two dozen cookies for shoppers to munch on whereas they browse, supply free wrapper and pre-Black Friday and little Business Saturday discounts to lure individuals to buy early, or hold an indication in-store.

Show customers the way to build a Thanksgiving-themed craft for his or her home or the way to build a tasty course. Get inventive and you’ll get customers into your store!

12. Show customers your personal aspect.

You might raise customers to share what they’re appreciative for this November, however, does one share your story too?

Whether it’s in an exceedingly diary post or in fast very little bites for social media, showing your customers your personal aspect will facilitate them connect with you.

P.S., you'll be able to simply build a Thanksgiving-themed social post for complimentary on each Canva and PicMonkey.

13. produce month-long deals.

Customers have loads happening in November and loads of selections once it involves wherever they’ll purchase their Thanksgiving-meal ingredients, home decor, clothing, gifts, etc.

Get a head-start on your competitors by running your Thanksgiving marketing deals ahead of time in November and keeping them going all month long.

14. provides a Thanksgiving-themed product away.

Like I aforementioned earlier, nearly any product will be positioned as excellent for Thanksgiving! And holding a giveaway edges each you and your customers.

Choose a product for the giveaway (or select multiple of a lower-priced product) and promote your giveaway via email and on your social media channels. Collect emails to assist reinforce your subscriber list for all those holiday-shopping emails you’ll be causing soon!

15. Feature your customers.

Say due to your customers by that includes them on your social media accounts, in your email newssheet, or on your diary. raise them to submit an image of themselves wearing/holding/using/eating your product and so feature those you choose throughout the month.

Be sure to comment/retweet/like/etc. all the opposite submissions (if they’re returning through social) to indicate your appreciation.

16. present a number of your income.

If you'll be able to financially afford this Thanksgiving promoting manoeuvre, why not designate an explicit day in November as on a daily basis you’ll present some of the income to the charity of your selection.

Be sure to push this present day heavily within the weeks leading up to that, and United Nations agency is aware of, perhaps you’ll find yourself obtaining enough transactions that you simply compose what was given too!

(P.S., you would possibly think about emailing everybody a coupon United Nations agency purchased on this present day to hopefully get some come traffic too!)

17. Hold associate degree late looking event.

If you've got a retail location (and it’s giant enough) partner up with a couple of different native business house owners to carry associate degree late looking event. persuade you to buy as to how for purchasers to induce all of their looking done early (before all the Turkey-Day madness begins) and supply discounts.

For example, you may do a BOGO supply of twenty-two off as a result of Thanksgiving falls on the twenty-second, or $10 off if customers pay $50. Gathering a spread of companies within the same spot is engaging to customers, and if you have a say some fun extras like free goodies, drinks, and a giveaway, you've got instruction for success!

 18. rummage around for native events.

Fall could be a pretty time to urge concerned in native events like craft festivals, art fairs, farmers markets, and more.

Do a fast search on-line to appear for approaching events in your space and grab some booth area. You’ll facilitate unfold the word concerning your business domestically and boost your November sales.

19. Use Thanksgiving keywords.

If you’re marketing things like Thanksgiving interior decoration and pumpkin-pie scented lotion, you’ll wish to focus on keywords that your customers would use to go looking for this product in your product titles and outline.

(When it involves keywords, you would like as several monthly searches as attainable with ideally low competition.)

20. Reach resolute niche bloggers.

Say you sell handwoven jewellery. Do an enquiry on-line for fashion, jewellery, and modus vivendi bloggers and compile a listing. Then, visit every one of their blogs and make a programme of what percentage followers they need on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Contact those with massive followings and raise them if they’d be willing to review your product in exchange for a journal post on your business.

You might conjointly supply the blogger the possibility to host a giveaway for his or her followers. (So you’ll be pleased with providing 2 product for complimentary.)

Try to tie it in with Turkey Day if attainable. during this case, perhaps it’s a bracelet in fall colours. Or announcement jewellery with gold “leaves.” confirm you furthermore may supply the blogger’s followers a reduction off of future purchase to direct a number of their traffic to you once the giveaway ends.

21. strive for Facebook Advertising.

If you haven’t tried Facebook advertising before, you’ll wish to urge acquainted with it before the vacations hit. It will be an efficient thanks to driving a lot of traffic to your online store or e-commerce website and acquire a lot of sales.

Try targeting specific interests at intervals your ads. for instance, if you sell children’s wear, you would possibly wish to focus on the followers of a well-liked mama journal that includes an immense following on Facebook.

Or you would possibly target the followers of a corporation that creates children’s toys. Get artistic and take into account wherever your target market hangs out. Then, produce an advert that targets them and produce them over to your web site.

22. produce themed product bundles.

An enticing Thanksgiving marketing plan is to make themed product bundles. place a number of the relevant product along in a very bundle and supply it for fewer than customers would pay if they bought the things on an individual basis.

Maybe it’s a “Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving Hostesses” bundle that contains a number of handwoven goodies that you just sell.

Or maybe it comes with 3 lotions in your bestselling fall scents. perhaps it’s a “Thanksgiving Survival” bundle for those that area unit dreading family time (haha) that contains a candle in a very soothing scent, stress-reducing oil, and bathtub bombs.

Have fun and acquire creative! Your customers can love these straightforward gift-giving concepts.
Bonus Tip: Use Thanksgiving-themed email subject lines.

Subject lines will be a cruel, mysterious beast. Why? as a result of what works at some point along with your target market might not work future. however, that’s why you wish to remain one step prior your subscriber base the least bit times.

Funny, clever, fascinating, and intriguing subject lines area unit nice, however, they conjointly should show customers the worth of gap your email like a shot, and ideally keep underneath fifty characters or fewer. Sheesh!

Here area unit a number of seasonal examples for you:

    You’d be a turkey to miss this wonderful deal!
 twenty-fifth off? Hurry before this deal is gobbled up thirty-fifth off this weekend! Use code THANKYOU
    We’re giving thanks with a large scale
    Get everything you wish for Thanksgiving here

P.S. you would possibly wish to undertake some fun Turkey-Day-themed emojis in your subject lines too, looking on your target market.

Thanksgiving promoting Isn’t for the Birds

Now that you just have twenty-two other ways you'll incorporate a touch Turkey-Day magic into your marketing campaigns, provides it with a whirl.

Take a number of of those Thanksgiving marketing concepts and see which of them work best for your business in November.

Hopefully, this can result in a lot of seasonal sales for you, and conjointly a solid quantity of latest customers too. (And make certain to treat yourself to an additional slice of pie or toast yourself with an additional glass of wine return Turkey Day for all of your exertions this month — you merit it!)