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Postcard marketing Done Right

A Powerful Business marketing Strategy

Postcard promoting Done Right

Say it with a card. A simple, colourful, high impact card among the mailbox of your prospect is your best tag to a current client. For your existing client, a marketing campaign that has frequent postcards is that the marvellous begin to new sales - this could otherwise be one in every of the key little or no or no business marketing ways in which.


For the recipient:

•    You haven't had to be compelled to open a postcard!

•    You see it directly, the extraordinary image isn't hidden from reading by AN associate envelope.

•    The message leaps right out and you may be ready to not ignore it or throw it among the trash sealed (the fate of the varied mail pieces).

For the marketer:

•    Save cash. you may mail a card mail for fewer than the foremost economical letter rate.

•    No stuffing needed.

Postcards win out on all counts.

Check out following case study.  

Here is what one winning card bourgeois had to say:

“The immediate result was over and over we have got a bent to had expected {and we have got a bent to|and that we have got a bent to} even had to cut back the number of postcards going out we have got a bent toek|hebdomadally|weekly|each we've got an inclination to tend toek} as a result of we've got an inclination to tend to had extra calls than we'd handle. We've forever detected that a 1-2% response is taken into thought tremendous for a mailing however we have got a bent to are becoming a minimum of triple that amount!

To give you some setup, the primary week's mailing went out to our oldest client account, most of whom hadn't done business with the USA for over a year. the primary we have got a bent to once the postcards we've got an inclination to tend to out we've got an inclination to tend to induce the third response on those accounts. and half dozen we have got a bent takes later we've got an inclination to tend to face live still obtaining calls from those accounts.  “I place along with a grasp that it takes time for the response to make and simply this past week, the sixth or seventh we have got a bent to since we've got an inclination to tend to begin out mailing the postcards, we have got a bent to spice up from the twenty-three calls in per hour average we have got a bent to saw at the start of this month to forty-five calls per hour in at the only of the month.  


“That's nearly 900 calls in per week over just four weeks past.”

“We're already turning out with our next card mailing and unit quite sure that this was one in every of the foremost effective investments among the marketing to our existing customers we've ever created.” Daffo Nedd at Kevis Rejuvenation Programs, Inc., urban centre, California

Now that's card marketing done right! 


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